What Does LTA Do?

Living Tree Academy is an organization dedicated to empowering youth to discover the “I Can Do” mindset. This is accomplished by providing resources in a community to help young people and families. These resources include books, scholarships, tutoring, uniforms and Library assistance. However, the first and most critical part of this accomplishment is through volunteers and workers who have and display  “I Can Do” living.


Living Tree Academy’s mission is to give children and their families a promising future by providing access to educational opportunities worldwide.

Who Are We?

Living Tree Academy is a group of volunteers from around the world that are committed to helping children with educational opportunities.

Why Belize?

The Belize government and people encourage every child to pursue education. However, there are certain barriers in terms of financial  resources for books, tuition, uniforms and sometimes transportation that can be addressed by LTA volunteers to keep children in school.


As an organization, Living Tree Academy has been working in Belize since 2003 to help children gain access to education through individual sponsorship and funding assistance to schools in need. In order to best accomplish our goals for helping children and young people, LTA began a work in Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Living Tree Academy is dedicated to empowering young people

to achieve their full potential and

live a life that is truly more than abundant.

Our beginning:

Living Tree Academy was founded on the principle that in order for a child to reach their full potential in life, they have to be given the best educational opportunities.  After reviewing locations throughout the world, it became apparent that the children in the most remote locations lacked access to these educational opportunities.  LTA initially chose the country of Belize due to superior commitment from the government supporting early education of their children.  In addition, Belize has multiple villages and towns in remote locations which can benefit immeasurably from the smallest amount of assistance. By applying the lessons learned in Belize, LTA is positioned to emulate this success story in other countries around the world.

Established in Belize:

Over the last few years, Living Tree Academy has initiated many different programs to meet the needs of children in Belize.  LTA currently assists children and families regardless of race, creed or gender. Thanks to our committed sponsors and donors, children have a brighter future and hope of realizing their lifetime goals.  This means they now have access to resources, educational assistance, higher level education and other services for their individual development.  LTA initiatives teach children how to become the future leaders and professionals in education, health, government, science, business and social development, thus ending the cycle of poverty.

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