God bless you and greetings from San Pedro, Belize. We just bid a farewell to Hurricane Eta which showered us for many days. Now the sunshine resumes its normal position and everything is cleansed, renewed and refreshed. 

This is the first Living Tree Academy update since the world-changing COVID-19 outbreak. As we all know the pandemic element has brought with it lifestyle adjustments which have led many organizations to make  modifications in their service and operations. Of course, we must adapt in order to fulfill our mission as well.

With the Country of Belize shutting down virtually all tourists and expats from entering the country, the Belize economy has slowed to an unprecedented level. The unemployment rate has grown with the closure of resorts, diving, restaurants, mainland tours (Mayan Ruin, jungle, zoo, cave tubing, etc.) All schools, restaurants, churches and social functions have been prohibited by the Belize Government due to COVID-19. Therefore, our efforts to help students with books, materials, medical assistance and tuition was significantly altered in March. Instead our attention turned to helping people with basic food necessities. Our efforts to aid people with food were handled on an individual basis.

Also, during this time frame (of COVID-19 closure) a great deal of effort was employed to develop internet-based resources to support our Living Tree Academy mission. This effort included the gathering of academic resources for a future online educational internet-based instrument. These steps are being taken in light of a changing scenario which is accelerating globally. Simply put, the traditional paths of educational excellence are being replaced with new and innovative models for learning during these challenging times.

In conclusion, after the first of the new year as Belize continues to reopen, Living Tree Academy remains steadfast to its mission:

The goal of Living Tree Academy is to help every child pursue education.  This will enable them to maximize their ability giving and serving their family, community, country and the world. Our mission is: Giving access to educational opportunities worldwide. Living Tree Academy helps supply educational materials, scholarships, books, and uniforms for education in Belize as well as community service in the areas of medical and public works.

Thank you,

Anthony Gilmore
President-Living Tree Academy