What Does LTA Do?

Living Tree Academy (LTA) is an organization with a mission to empower youth and provide them with educational opportunities. Here are some key activities and aspects of what LTA does:

Promoting the “I Can Do” Mindset: LTA aims to instill a positive and empowering mindset in young people by fostering the belief that they can achieve their full potential.

Providing Resources: LTA offers various resources to support young people and their families. These resources include books, scholarships, tutoring, uniforms, and assistance with accessing libraries.

Volunteer and Worker Engagement: LTA relies on volunteers and workers who exemplify the “I Can Do” mindset. These individuals actively contribute to the organization’s mission and work directly with young people.

Global Reach: Living Tree Academy is a global network of volunteers dedicated to helping children access educational opportunities worldwide. While the organization initially focused on Belize, it aspires to replicate its success in other countries.

Focus on Belize: LTA has been active in Belize since 2003. The organization chose Belize due to the government’s commitment to early education and the presence of remote villages and towns with unmet educational needs. LTA assists in overcoming barriers to education, such as financial constraints and lack of resources, to help children in Belize stay in school.

Program Initiatives: LTA has initiated various programs in Belize to cater to the needs of children and families. These programs aim to support education, regardless of a child’s race, creed, or gender, and help them access resources, higher-level education, and other services that contribute to their individual development.

Empowering Future Leaders: LTA’s initiatives are designed to equip children with the skills and knowledge needed to become future leaders and professionals in fields like education, health, government, science, business, and social development, with the ultimate goal of breaking the cycle of poverty.

In summary, Living Tree Academy is an organization focused on empowering youth to realize their full potential by providing resources, fostering a positive mindset, and offering educational opportunities. Its work initially began in Belize, but it has aspirations to expand its impact to other countries as well.