About Us

Living Tree Academy is a volunteer-based organization with a mission to provide educational opportunities for children and their families worldwide. Here’s a summary of key information about the organization:

Mission: Living Tree Academy’s mission is to offer children and their families a promising future by granting them access to educational opportunities globally.

Who Are We: Living Tree Academy is comprised of volunteers that are committed to providing both biblical and academic education, recognizing the importance of both for an individual’s growth and development.

Why Belize: Belize is chosen as the focus of their efforts because the Belizean government and people support joint biblical and academic education, and the country recognizes Jesus Christ as described in the Belizean National Prayer.

Overview: The organization has been operating in Belize since 2003, primarily through individual sponsorship and financial assistance to schools in need.

Empowering Young People: Living Tree Academy is dedicated to empowering young people to reach their full potential and live abundant lives.

Foundation: The organization was founded on the belief that to fulfill their potential in life, children need access to the best educational opportunities. They selected Belize due to its government’s commitment to early education and the presence of remote communities in need.

Established in Belize: Living Tree Academy has implemented various programs in Belize to address the needs of children in the country, regardless of their background. These programs offer resources, educational support, higher-level education, and other services to foster individual development. The ultimate goal is to prepare these children to become future leaders and professionals in various fields, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty.

In summary, Living Tree Academy is a volunteer organization that focuses on providing educational opportunities to children and families in Belize, with the intention of expanding their success to other countries in the future. They aim to empower children to reach their full potential and make a positive impact on their communities.