April 3, 2024

Hello from Living Tree Academy,

Living Tree Academy mission trips to continue.

Living Tree Academy plans to resume mission trips to Belize in the near future (February 2025).

However, these trips will encompass the entire country of Belize rather that one district. LTA is in the process of building a website to connect our volunteers with the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), primarily educational in Belize that need and want to partner in order to serve in a greater capacity.

Why Belize? As a nation known for its warm hospitality and stunning biodiversity, Belize offers a unique setting for service work and adventure alike. By participating in a mission trip, you’ll not only contribute to meaningful projects: but also create lasting memories in one of Central America’s most enchanting destinations.

Once the planning and communication tools are complete: we will communicate the dates and availability for your consideration.
You can Volunteer in meaningful projects aimed at improving the lives of locals, from educational initiatives to sustainable development efforts.

Many thanks,

Anthony Gilmore 

Living Tree Academy